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My life has been kissed by the sunshine and drenched by the rain; both have helped me grow. The Sun gave me a glimpse of God’s Beauty and the Rain taught me to walk in Faith. Good or bad, right or wrong, it’s my life and hopefully I can find the beauty in the journey!

Sherry Pierce


Shhhh... they might find out what your hiding

Many people have said putting my faith on my page would scare people away. But to know me is to know my faith. What if my faith had no judgment about other people's beliefs? What if you knew that my faith carried me through the darkest valleys of my life? What if my story brought hope to someone in pain? I was once silenced as a child and I won't be silenced any longer.


I grew up in a suburban two story house where beautiful flowers grew right in front of my bedroom window and my Mom cooked three meals a day. Sundays, we were off to church with big smiles on our faces but as soon as we got back home my sister and I were reminded of the “family secrets”. You know the ones that were taught to hide or as we say in the south, just “sweep that under the rug”. I can now see how many people have a warped view of religion but to me, church is building and the people inside have their own stories hidden under their own dirty rugs. The problem with that is when we have pain tucked away that we have not dealt with we hurt people unknowingly, we seek out the wrong relationships and many times our lives are spent in fight or flight mode. Let's be honest, haven't you done this? What past pain inside of you needs to be healed?


I have done lots of personal growth work and will continue doing my work because I have found peace in doing so. I had to R.I.P. my past because I don't live there anymore. Forgiveness for me was the only way out. I had to forgive those who have hurt me and I want be forgiven for all of my mistakes I have made along my journey so far. This page is a dedicated to my healing and realizing that I am a spiritual being on a path here to shine my light

The words we speak verbally and internally create a ripple effect that can cause healing or harm. Knowing this we can ask ourselves is what I am about to say to someone going to cause harm or healing. The book, “The Voices Within” , by Charles Fernyhough, says that our inner speech has an average pace of 4,000 words per minute—10 times faster than verbal speech. WOW! Our words are powerful!! Our words will harm or heal. What will you choose?

"She figured out  she couldn't the chaos in her mind,

so she became the ringleader of her thoughts."-sherry pierce

Your story is...

Are you a Phoenix?

What subject would you like to share?
How would you like me to label your story?

Letters from Phoenix 


 I wanted to dedicate a page that I hope to turn into a book with the profits going to nonprofits that support children emotional growth and wellbeing. My thought is what if you could only tell me your story in two sentences but you could tell me how you healed in two pages. make the last two sentences what advice you would give your younger self when you were going through the trial you're writing about. This is how we take the positivity back in our lives. Releasing our stories will heal others. You are welcome to change your name and even add a cause you want others to know about. This is your story and your way of sharing it. Each chapter will cover a subject matter that has caused us pain. If I need to add one please let me know and I will do my best to incorporate it. Your story is important, your voice is important.





The phoenix is often recognized as a Greek myth but I feel like a Christian and Phoenix are very much alike.

They both have to die to past believes, connect with the spirit within and rise to a higher connection to spirit.

We can not live in the past and the present at the same time. 


 As we grow internally, little by little the ashes of pain, trauma , disappointment seem to disappear or drift away until 

there is no reason to look back unless it is to reference how far we have came. Self-work isn’t always fun but with every

emotion that comes to surface we begin reading letters that have been buried deep in our minds. This gives us a chance to 

deal with each page as if we cleaning out each corner of our hearts. As we release old habits, beliefs this help will heal the inner child 

with in us. Like a phoenix when we release the weight of our past it will enable us to spread our wings. Soon we will become fearless

as we break free of painful memories can not hold us any longer hold us down. 


Be warned she can not remain on the ground. When pushed it reminds her of her time in the ashes, she releases a fire for a warning to all to keep your distance. She is a force not to be messed with. The pain she endured yes of course it left scars

but it’s also helped her to see the beauty in her flight.


See she is tired of not being heard. She is a warrior ready to take flight. She will spread her wings out as wide as she can

to represent her existence, her strength and her power. She is worthy of being noticed. She knows that has  always has a 

choice to stay in the darkness or take flight toward the light. Without fear paralyzing her, she looks in the mirror and notices 

that she is  covered with feathers of self awareness. She understands her purpose in life isn’t to be controlled by her past but

instead she is on a mission to help others begin their journey out of the darkness and into the light.

“She has been through so much. So believe me I say, she will rise again like a phoenix "







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